Fastyield Finance

What is FAST token?

FAST is a governance token native to the Fastyield platform. Fastyield is a yield optimizer deployed on the Fantom Network.
FAST token’s utility is as an incentive for users to deposit their assets on Fastyield. Vaults users are getting a bonus yield with FAST token.

What is Fastyield?

Fastyield is a yield optimizer, which enables yield aggregation for holders and users of FAST token.
To facilitate automation of the yield farming and the process of compounding, Fastyield uses vaults. Vaults also enable a more efficient utilization of gas, as well as other automated processes, and use different yield strategies to help users grow their assets through automation.
Fastyield has an optimal compounding strategy with an efficient pricing model, designed to encourage long-term yield farming and provide appropriate incentives for long-term holders.
Thanks to the automation factor in the process of yield generation and compounding, users don't need to manually reinvest their staking rewards, but can rely on automated asset growth by simply making a deposit into a Fastyield vault. FAST holders also don’t need to have extensive knowledge of the underlying protocols that support automation and yield optimization, while depositing funds to vaults represents a passive investment strategy.
Fastyield rewards its users with FAST token. This additional layer of interest further accelerates returns.
The goal is to increase the initial value of assets deposited by users, similar to how crypto hedge funds work, with minimal involvement on users’ end.

How to obtain FAST?

FAST token is traded on on the Fantom Network. Jetswap is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to buy FAST tokens and instantly exchange them with other tokens listed on Jetswap.
FAST token can also be acquired by depositing into any of our Fastyield optimised vaults. Your LP will be compounded while you earn an additional bonus APR with FAST token.
As with all financial products and investment tools, users are advised to DYOR and practice risk management when investing.