Withdraw from Binance CEX to Fantom network
Head to to withdraw asset to Fantom network
In this guide we will show you a way to bridge tokens from the Binance Centralized Exchange to the Fantom (FTM) chain using Binance withdraw system.
Before you start, make sure you have $FTM tokens to bridge over to your Fantom wallet, if you don't have your $FTM tokens yet, make sure to buy some in the trade section. Also make sure you configured your metamask in order to be able to interact with the Fantom (FTM) chain after sending the assets.
  1. 1.
    Login to your Binance account and go to the wallet section.
  2. 2.
    Choose the Fiat and Spot section of the wallet:
Fiat and Spot section in Binance wallet
3. Look up the $FTM token and click on "Withdraw".
4. Insert the destination address and select the FTM network:
Select the FTM network
5. Key in the amount you want to withdraw to the Fantom (FTM) chain and click on "Withdraw":
Withdraw and Confirm
6. After completing the security measures, you are able to see the transaction details by clicking on the transaction:
Please ensure you are transferring funds to the correct wallet address. Sending funds to incorrect addresses are, in most cases, irretrievable. Always double check the details are accurate before confirming the withdrawal.
Now we wait patiently
7. If the withdrawal is successful you should see your assets at your wallet like the example below:
Fastyield is not in any way associated with Binance. This guide is meant for educational purposes only. For support with Binance, please visit Binance Support Center and log in with your Binance account.
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