How to create LP using ZAP

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In this guide we will show you how to create LP in one easy transaction using the ZAP feature on Fastyield.
FTM is the only single asset supported by ZAP feature at the time of writing this guide.
For the purpose of this example we will convert FTM to FAST-FTM LP on Jetswap.
  1. 1.
    Open the create LP section on Fastyield. Make sure your wallet is connected.
2. Enter the amount of FTM you wish to use for the transaction, and the LP token you wish to create. For this example we are using 10 FTM to build FAST-FTM LP on Jetswap.
Enter amount, or click max
Select LP
3. Click "Get LP" at the bottom of the page. Confirm the transaction.
Click "Get LP" and confirm the transaction
There is a 0.05% fee for using the ZAP feature. This fee will be used for marketing and to fund further development of the protocol.
4. That's it! The contract will buy the required tokens and build the LP. Your LP tokens will appear in your wallet once the transaction confirms.
LP token balance
You can now deposit your LP into our Fastyield optimised vaults and start earning FAST token!
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